Monthly Archive: September 2011

Three Reasons Why Nonprofits Should Diversify Their Brand Online

In the weeks after Google+ launched I saw a number of blog posts and articles about how brands should drop Facebook and Twitter, and migrate their communities over to Google+. My guess is that many of those bloggers and journalists have reconsidered now that the initial buzz

Four Must-Haves for Your “Thank You for Your Donation!” Landing Page

For all the buzz about new media in the nonprofit sector, it is somewhat surprising how few nonprofits have integrated their new media campaigns into one of the most important pages on their website – the “Thank You for Your Donation!” landing page. That is, the page

11 Qualities of an Effective Social Media Manager

The following is an excerpt from the newly released Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits and was published in the September 2011 edition of Fundraising Success Magazine (@frsuccess). However, do to word count constraints the content below is not in its full entirety.

33 Nonprofit Mobile Websites

One in four Americans now access the Mobile Web daily, yet only a tiny fraction of nonprofits have a mobile website. I have been watching this trend for almost two years now and there’s seemingly been almost no progress in the use of mobile websites by the