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thankyouWith each passing day your supporters, donors, activists and sponsors are becoming overwhelmed by the barrage of tweets, status updates, text messages, and emails being thrown at them on a daily basis. As a result, text-based “Thank You” messages are often unread and overlooked. That said, a video can often communicate your appreciation better than the written word and the eight videos below will help inspire your nonprofit to create a “Thank You” video. With peak fundraising season beginning in six months, that gives you plenty of time to create a video that both inspires and communicates your gratitude.

1. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ::

2. Best Friends Animal Society ::

3. Doctors Without Borders ::

4. The Natural Resources Defense Council ::

5. The Nature Conservancy ::

6. The Ocean Conservancy ::

7. Operation Smile ::

8. SOLS 24/7 ::

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