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12pollsEvery month Nonprofit Tech 2.0 creates and tweets (three times only) a TwtPoll related to nonprofit tech. Hardly thorough as a research method, the TwtPolls do however present some basic information about what trends were popular in 2012 and clues as to which #NPTech trends should be prioritized in 2013. Pay particular attention to TwtPolls with high numbers of views as they indicate a high interest level in the subject.

That said, the actual voting numbers are low likely due to a fear that voting will result in spam tweet exclaiming you voted. Worry not. That doesn’t happen. So, as I continue to post “TwtPolls of the Month” throughout 2013, your participation in future polls is greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)

December 2012 [1,295 Views]
Have you viewed your nonprofits website on a tablet or smartphone? I will continue to post TwtPolls of the Month throughout 2013.



November 2012 [1,734 Views] :: Which social media tool do you think has the most potential for nonprofits in 2013?.



October 2012 [775 Views] :: How many visitors does your nonprofit’s blog receive on a monthly basis?



September 2012 [445 Views] :: Has your nonprofit attended a social media or mobile technology training webinar?



August 2012 [756 Views] :: Are you experiencing social media burnout?



July 2012 [829 Views] :: True or False? There’s a lot of bad social media marketing out there.



June 2012 [618 Views] :: Has your nonprofit noticed a drop in engagement on your Facebook Page recently?



May 2012 [1,583 Views] :: How often do you donate in response to print fundraising appeals that you receive in the mail?



April 2012 [1,004 Views] :: Have you downloaded an e-book?



March 2012 [2,319 Views] :: Does your nonprofit have social media icons wsith links to your social media communities on your website’s homepage?



February 2012 [3,227 Views] :: Does your nonprofit have a mobile website?



January 2012 [2,403 Views] :: Does your nonprofit have a Google+ Page?


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