Monthly Archive: January 2013

11 Obvious Signs Your Nonprofit Needs Social Media Training

Many nonprofits need social media training – they just don’t know it. There’s always room for improvement and unfortunately overconfidence in social media skills prevent many nonprofit staff from getting training that could significantly increase their social media ROI (Return on Investment). Social media best practices are constantly in

29 Nonprofit Resources to Follow on Twitter

A long overdue follow up to my post on 29 Nonprofit Bloggers to Follow on Twitter, below are 29 nonprofit resources that tweet regularly on subjects ranging from fundraising to social media to mobile communications. Of course, there are many other resources deserving of being listed –

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Nonprofit Social Media Managers

In the next few weeks I’ll be making recommendations of which tools and trends in technology nonprofits should prioritize in 2013, but for this year’s post on New Year’s resolutions I wanted to get back to basics. It’s so easy to get consumed with and exhausted by

Five Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Prioritize the Mobile Web in 2013

Yesterday’s free webinar entitled Five Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Prioritize the Mobile Web in 2013 was attended by 433 nonprofit professionals. To some, that may sound like a good turnout, but my free webinars usually hit the maximum of 1,000 attendees, so 433 was low – not surprising, however. In