Monthly Archive: March 2013

Pheed and Sulia: Two New Social Networks for the Nonprofit Early Adopters

Nonprofits that have the capacity to be early adopters have learned that early adoption in and of itself is a wise social media strategy. Followers tend to grow the fastest during the early adoption phase and being one of the first nonprofits to have a presence on

@NonprofitOrgs Named One of the Best 140 Twitter Feeds of 2013 by TIME Magazine

What I love about my work more than anything else is that I never know what is going to happen next. Every day is different. Today, I discovered that @NonprofitOrgs had been named one of TIME Magazine’s Best Twitter Feeds of 2013: Every year, TIME recognizes those

Five Types of Tweets Nonprofits Should Never Post on Twitter

If your nonprofit is not getting retweeted on Twitter, then you haven’t yet found your Twitter voice. Retweets ensure increased exposure of your nonprofit’s avatar which ultimately results in more followers and click-through rates. Twitter itself has concurred that influence on Twitter is not in how many followers

A Short, Recent History of Nonprofit Website Design and Online Fundraising

Nonprofit website design and online fundraising have dramatically changed in recent years due to the rapid rise of social media and mobile communications. Using the Wayback Machine – a website that allows you to view archived screenshots of your website all the way back to 1996, below

11 Blog Content Ideas for Nonprofits

Thanks to the Social Web, there is no shortage of possible topics for your nonprofit to blog about. From 10-paragraph editorials to 2-paragraph commentaries on breaking news, when you use the ideas given here, you should have no problem publishing the required minimum of one blog post