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Free Webinar on January 9! Five Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Prioritize the Mobile Web in 2013

Date: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 Time: 1-1:45pm EST Cost: Free How to Register: Sign up! Presented By: Heather Mansfield View: All Webinars for Nonprofits The Mobile Web is often discussed as a future trend that nonprofits have time to prepare for, but the reality is that by the

ATTN Nonprofits: Instagram Has Launched New Profiles for Desktop

Mashable wrote up thorough post on Instagram’s new profile pages for Desktop last week, but I wanted to emphasize four points useful for nonprofits: 1) The photos in banner across the top of the new profiles are automatically generated from the photos you have uploaded using Instagram’s

Four Nonprofits Pioneering Windows 8

Some simple words of advice for nonprofits considering launching a Windows 8 App (or an iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone App), add the keywords “nonprofit” and “charity” to make your apps easier to find. Since neither Microsoft, Apple, or Google have “Nonprofit” or “Charity” categories in their app

Google Wallet Ushers in a New Era in Online and Mobile Fundraising for Nonprofits

On August 1, Google quietly launched Google Wallet for the Web – and the technology has the possibility of transforming online and mobile fundraising as we’ know it. Described simply, donors can sign up for a Google Wallet account, enter and save their credit card information, and then donate to

Three Nonprofits Pioneering Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design (often abbreviated to RWD) is defined as an approach to web design in which a designer intends to provide an optimal viewing experience — easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling — across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer

11 Mobile Website Design Best Practices for Nonprofits

With 90% of your nonprofit’s supporters and donors now accessing the Internet on multiple devices every day, nonprofits really need to prioritize mobilizing their Web content. Ideally, your nonprofit’s CMS (content management system) has been updated to include responsive design, but the problematic reality is that most

11 Nonprofits Pioneering the Windows Phone

When nonprofits launch or consider launching a smartphone app, an iPhone app is usually their first choice with an Android app a distant second. Launching a third version of a smartphone app is extremely rare, but with the release of Windows 8 Pro on October 26 for desktop