To potential clients:

For questions about services offered by Nonprofit Tech for Good, please contact Heather Mansfield at:

To vendors and media:

To request that Heather promote your product or service, understand that she is pitched an average of 10 times daily and does not have any support staff. Please do not be offended if your email does not receive a response, but please also review past blog posts to see if your product or service matches the content needs of Nonprofit Tech for Good before pitching.

To bloggers:

Sorry. Nonprofit Tech for Good does not accept guest posts.

To nonprofits:

Really sorry. Heather is no longer available to answer questions about issues your nonprofit might be having on social media via email. You will have to consult Facebook FAQ, Twitter FAQLinkedIn FAQYouTube FAQ, Instagram FAQ, Pinterest FAQTumblr FAQ, Snapchat FAQ, etc. or attend a webinar and ask during the Q&A portion at the end of the webinar. Thank you.