Odds Are, Your Nonprofit Has a Facebook Community Page :: Find It, Claim It, and Link It to Your Official Page

May 12, 2010
8/7/11 Update: You can no longer link community pages to your official page. Instead, you can now merge them. Over the last month Facebook has created millions of Community Pages. As I understand it, Community Pages are created based on what Facebook users have mentioned on their

Five Ways Nonprofits Can Transform Their Social Media ROI (Return on Investment)

May 10, 2010
For the last 4.5 years, I have been providing lots of little tips on how nonprofits can increase their ROI through my Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and MySpace Best Practices, but now that the vast majority of nonprofits utilize social media and have been for awhile, I think

How Facebook Community Pages Undermine Nonprofit’s Official Pages in Facebook Searches

April 30, 2010
Today is Arbor Day. I wanted to promote the the National Arbor Day’s Facebook Page on the Nonprofit Organizations Facebook Page. So, I searched Facebook for “Arbor Day” and three Pages came up: 1) Arbor Day :: 79 Likes: www.facebook.com/pages/Arbor-Day/103129336394300 2) National Arbor Day Foundation :: 99

HOW TO: Create a Mobile Website for Your Nonprofit for $8 a Month

April 29, 2010
The Web is going mobile. Faster than anyone thought. Smartphones are transforming the Internet and how individuals access the Web. One in five Americans now access the mobile Web daily. Some through Apps. Others through mobile Web browsers. This means nonprofits and their web communication strategies need

Four Reasons Why Nonprofits Should Reconsider Facebook

April 24, 2010
Reconsider. To think about again. To reassess. To reevaluate. I have been mulling this post over for months, and with some recent changes made by Facebook, the time has come. Some of the opinions I express below I have had for a while and speak to them

The State of iPhone Fundraising Apps :: Three Examples

April 12, 2010
In January 2010, I was quoted by Association & Nonprofit BizNow for saying: “[Heather] envisions a mobile app with a GuideStar database of nonprofits that would make it possible for people to donate to any organization at any time. A receipt would automatically be e-mailed along with

10 Free Nonprofit iPhone Apps

April 6, 2010
First there was 10 Nonprofit Text Alert Campaigns. Then 10 Nonprofit Mobile Websites. Now 10 Free Nonprofit iPhone Apps. I thought it was important to lay the foundation of group texting and mobile websites for nonprofits before moving into examining how nonprofits are using iPhone Apps: 1.