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Five Ways to Build Your Nonprofit’s Mobile Subscriber List

A well-promoted mobile alert campaign is hard to find in the nonprofit sector. If a nonprofit is going to invest in mobile alerts, then mobile opt-ins and short code and keyword pitches should be integrated into multiple communication channels such as print, web, email, and social and

Text NONPROFITORGS to 51555 to Subscribe to Receive Text Alerts from Nonprofit Tech 2.0!

Thanks to MobileCause, I have a new text messaging service to explore and experiment with. If you are interested in learning about how to utilize text messaging and the Mobile Web for your nonprofit, then please text NONPROFITORGS to 51555 (or enter your phone here) to subscribe to receive

11 Group Text Messaging Best Practices for Nonprofits

Contrary to its title, the last four chapters of Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits are dedicated to mobile technology and mobile fundraising. I am firm believer that social media will be the foundation of the Mobile Web and the book was written to help

Three Ways Nonprofits Can Pioneer m-Advocacy

The time is ripe for the early adopters in the nonprofit sector to embrace m-Advocacy, otherwise known as mobile advocacy. Odds are a year from now pitches to subscribe or join “Mobile Action Networks” will be  commonly seen in Facebook Status Updates, Tweets, blogs posts, homepages, and

10 Essential Tools for the Nonprofit New Media Manager on the Go

9/20 Update: Make that 11 Essential Tools. Nonprofits should also be using Ustream for live-streaming while on location! The advent of the Mobile Web is slowly starting to permeate and transform nonprofit communications. Just like social media transformed the nonprofit sector and how it communicates with its

HOW TO: Create a Mobile Website for Your Nonprofit for $8 a Month

The Web is going mobile. Faster than anyone thought. Smartphones are transforming the Internet and how individuals access the Web. One in five Americans now access the mobile Web daily. Some through Apps. Others through mobile Web browsers. This means nonprofits and their web communication strategies need

10 Free Nonprofit iPhone Apps

First there was 10 Nonprofit Text Alert Campaigns. Then 10 Nonprofit Mobile Websites. Now 10 Free Nonprofit iPhone Apps. I thought it was important to lay the foundation of group texting and mobile websites for nonprofits before moving into examining how nonprofits are using iPhone Apps: 1.

10 Nonprofit Group Text Messaging Campaigns

Not to be confused with Text-to-Give campaigns (Text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross), group texting campaigns are when individuals opt-in to be alerted of news or calls to action via text message. They can opt-in by sending a Keyword (NONPROFITORGS) to a