Hot off the presses and just delivered via Fed Ex! It’s a surreal moment, exciting, nerve-racking, but it’s great to see the words off the screen and onto paper. Tangible, in my hands. There will be an e-book version of course, but I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity to publish a book while books are still printed on paper. A special thanks to all the nonprofits and service providers that helped with the research for this book – duly noted in the Acknowledgments (page 257). I also want to thank my editors at McGraw-Hill. Punctuation use when discussing social media is unchartered territory and we made up the rules as went along.

Social Media for Social Good will be released on September 9 and is available now for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. There’s also a 10-city book tour fundraiser and social and mobile media training that will hopefully raise more than $30,000 for partner nonprofits. You can learn more about the book as well free companion webinars here. 🙂

The Front Cover


The Dedication


Each chapter begins with a quote from a nonprofit:


Hundreds of best practices, tips, and how-to’s:


Each chapter ends with “Nonprofit Examples of Excellence” and Google This!” sections:

Your Nonprofit Tech Checklist:


The Back Cover

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