As a follow-up to last week’s post on how to create a Foursquare Page for your nonprofit, listed below are five different types of “Tips” that your nonprofit can post on Foursquare Venue Pages using your nonprofit’s Foursquare Page (not your personal Foursquare account) to both gain new followers and inspire the Foursquare community. That said, some things to keep in mind when posting Tips:

  • Your Tips will most likely be viewed on mobile devices, so when possible link to mobile websites. Links are visited by Foursquare users when they tap/click “Learn More” on Tips.
  • Always add a photo when posting Tips to increase the likelihood that they’ll get noticed.
  • The more Tips you post, the more exposure your Foursquare Page will get. However, be authentic and don’t spam tens or hundreds of Venue Pages with the same Tip. Simply add posting Foursquare Tips to your weekly social media routine.
  • Tips pop-up on mobile devices when people check-in near the Venues where you have posted Tips. If your Tip(s) become popular by users users adding your Tip(s) to their “To Do List” or “Done List”, they could seen by thousands or even tens of thousands of Foursquare users.
  • You can view the five examples of Tips posted below live at
  • Once you add five Tips to your Foursquare Page, it will then be added to the Foursquare Page Gallery.
  • The easiest way to begin adding Tips is to go to “Search” on the Desktop version of Foursquare to locate Venue Pages (local, national, and international) where your nonprofit thinks it’s wise to post Tips. Posting Tips definitely requires some creative and out-of-the-box thinking, but posting Tips is pretty straight forward:

Now, let’s move on to the five different types of Tips that your nonprofit can post on Foursquare Venue Pages:

1) Calls to Action

Call-to-Action Tips can range from asking Foursquare users to text to donate to encouraging them to boycott a store for unethical business practices to recommending that they encourage a business owner sell a product (such as fair trade coffee) or improve their environmental practices (don’t use styrofoam). The possibilities are limitless, yet completely untapped by nonprofits – a huge missed opportunity! That said, Tips can also be motivational and supportive:

2) Powerful Stats

3) Inspirational Quotes

4) Endorsements

5) Opinions

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Five Types of “Tips” Nonprofits Can Post on Foursquare Venue Pages