When nonprofits consider launching a smartphone app, most often they automatically default to launching an iPhone app. But thanks to a strategy focused on bringing low-cost smartphones to the masses worldwide, Google’s Android surged to a whopping 68% share of the global smartphone market in the second quarter of 2012. That’s four times the 17% global market share held by Apple. And although sales of Android devices declined in the U.S. in the second quarter thanks to strong iPhone 4S sales, Android still holds the top spot in the U.S. at 56% compared to Apple’s iOS at 33%.

All that said, if a nonprofit is serious about pioneering the smartphone space, it would be wise to consider launching both an Android App and an iPhone App – and if all goes well for Nokia and Microsoft in the coming months, perhaps even a Windows Phone App in 2013. Twelve nonprofits pioneering Android are listed below. For  nonprofit pioneering Apple’s iOS, please see 12 Useful, Well-Designed, Worth-Downloading iPhone Apps Created by Nonprofits.

1. TED App


2. Sunlight Foundation :: Ad Hawk App


3. Smithsonian Channel App


4. Sea Turtle Conservancy App


5. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) App


6. Not for Sale Campaign :: Free2Work App


7. New York Civil Liberties Union :: Stop & Frisk Watch App


8. National Wildlife Federation :: What Did Snakey Eat? App


9. National Parks Conservation Association :: Park Wildlife Field Guide App


10. Humane Society of the United States :: Humane TV App


11. Environmental Working Group :: Dirty Dozen App


12. American Red Cross :: First Aid App

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