5-Reasons-WhyYesterday’s free webinar entitled Five Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Prioritize the Mobile Web in 2013 was attended by 433 nonprofit professionals. To some, that may sound like a good turnout, but my free webinars usually hit the maximum of 1,000 attendees, so 433 was low – not surprising, however. In general, its been very difficult to get nonprofits to prioritize the Mobile Web. My blog posts on mobile technology are always the least trafficked, least retweeted, least liked and my regularly scheduled webinar on mobile communications and fundraising is the least attended of the entire series of ten webinars. There are nonprofits out there boldly pioneering the Mobile Web, but unfortunately most nonprofits haven’t put much though into how their online communications and fundraising campaigns are affected by the rise of smartphones and tablets.

My guess as to why is that many nonprofits are still trying to master the Social Web and all its tools. Mobile websites, group texting, mobile fundraising, and smartphone apps can feel daunting and are often relegated to a far off, in the future “To Do” list. There’s also a common misunderstanding that adopting mobile technology is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s not “Free!” like social media, but it doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars. That said, nonprofits can’t postpone adopting the Mobile Web much longer without damage to their online communications and fundraising strategies.  To illuminate why, below are the notes sent to yesterday’s webinar attendees:

1. The Mobile Web Will Rule by 2014

2. Mobile Email is on the Rise

3. Most Social Media Will Soon Be Viewed on Mobile Devices

4. Group Texting is a Tool Still Unmastered

  • The majority of the nonprofits that are pioneering group texting and/or text-to- give do not have mobile websites and have not yet mastered group texting. If you are linking to a desktop site in a text message, you are doing it wrong. (View CDC Text, CDC Mobile Website)
  • Priority #4: Start collecting mobile phone numbers and launch a group texting campaign.

5. Mobile Giving is the Future

Conclusion: Nonprofits pioneered the Social Web, but are woefully behind on the Mobile Web – an unfortunate result of nonprofits becoming accustomed to “Free!” tools and a lack of paid communications and fundraising staff that can make mobile communications and fundraising a top priority.

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