I am researching “Donate Now” service providers. Nonprofits ask me often for recommendations of what service(s) to use and I have yet to find a “Donate Now” service that meets all of my ideal criteria:

  • A custom-branded “Donate Now” page that’s embedded inside of the nonprofit’s website where the donation process happens entirely on one page.
  • A custom-branded “Thank You” Landing Page that can be easily set-up, designed, and modified to include social networking icons and pitches as well as videos and images and slideshows. Usually what you see on “Thank You” Landing Pages is a lot of text or white space. Soooo 2004. 🙂
  • Automatic, customizable “Thank You” e-mails/receipts that can also easily include social networking icons and other images without the nonprofit having to know HTML.
  • Recurring donation capability where the donation/sign up process is on a page separate from the primary “Donate Now” page i.e., the donor does not have to select from a pop-down menu that the donation should reoccur monthly.
  • Ability to give in someone else’s name.
  • Online donor database.
  • A phone number is not required to make an online donation though it could be an opt-in if the nonprofit wants to build their mobile list for text alerts.
  • A processing fee of 3% or less per transaction and a monthly fee of $50-100.
  • A set-up fee of $200 or less.
  • The nonprofit can purchase this service separately from other services.

Ideally, the service provider would also offer responsively designed “Donate Now” pages that alter themselves automatically when viewed on a tablet or smartphone, but I haven’t seen any signs that this service is being widely offered yet by any desktop “Donate Now” service provider.

Do you know if this service provider exists that I am searching for and hoping for exists? If so, please post their name and website in a comment below. I’ll share my findings in the next couple of weeks. If you have any thoughts on the subject I’d appreciate you sharing them.

BONUS QUESTION: Know any “Donate Now” service providers in the process of partnering with a mobile wallet company to enable mobile wallet giving online?

Seeking Feedback from Nonprofits: Does This “Donate Now” Service Provider Exist?