Via Zoo Atlanta: Polar Bear Cubs (Endangered)

Via Zoo Atlanta: Polar Bear Cubs (Endangered)

Looking at cute images, particularly those of baby animals, has been proven to increase our brain’s concentration levels for a short time afterwards. The Power of Kawaii (a Japanese word meaning “cute”) can help nonprofit social media managers be more productive and also help counterbalance the flood of negative images that we are exposed to as a by-product of emerging ourselves into the 24/7 news cycle. Thus, to boost your productivity and your spirits, have a quick scan of the images below and follow on Pinterest the five nonprofits listed to gain steady access to images that invoke the power of kawaii:

baby elephantVia David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

baby gorilla 2Via Ape Action Africa

NRDC GiraffeVia Zoo Atlanta

NRDC SealsVia NRDC BioGems

baby jaguar wwfVia World Wildlife Fund