9 Fundraising Tools to Watch in 2015Over the last six months Nonprofit Tech for Good has bookmarked over 50 fundraising tools to prepare for this blog post. When the time came to write the post, at least 25% of the fundraising tools had shut down. It is very difficult to launch a fundraising service that is sustainable i.e., can earn enough revenue to pay staff, keep the lights on, and continually invest in innovation.  That said, the nine fundraising tools listed below are good ideas whose time has time come. Most are still a work in progress, but they stand out in 2015 as services that might be around for awhile.

1. SnapDonate

A mobile app that enables users to donate by simply pointing their phone at a charity logo. The app will automatically recognize the logo and then users select the amount to donate.


2. Promise or Pay

A service that enables users to make a promise (to exercise at least 5 times a week, for example) or pay/donate to participating nonprofits.

Promise or Pay

3. OnGood

A multilingual, mobile responsive global directory of validiated NGOs that will enable users to donate to NGOs worldwide in 80+ currencies (coming May 2015). The validation process is completed through the purchase of the .NGO and .ONG domains.


4. Kids Give

With a focus on the emerging online power of #Philanthrokids, this is a crowdfunding service build specifically for Gen Z kids who want fundraise for causes that they care about.

Kids Give

5. Good World

Tapping into the power of hashtags on Facebook and Twitter, this service enables users to donate by simply using the hashtag #Donate in their status updates and tweets.

Good World

6. Give App

 A mobile app that enables two-tap donations to any nonprofit in the United States, Nonprofit Tech for Good has written about this app before. A VC firm or entreprenuer should fund this app fast and help bring it to the next level!

Give App

7. Dollar A Day

A service that enables donors to sign up to automatically donate $30 a month where $1 is donated each day to a different nonprofit. Users are sent a daily email featuring the nonprofit.

Dollar A Day

8. Charitweet

A service that enables Twitterers to donate by sending tweets. All that is required is that Twitterers send tweets (or retweets) that include “@Charitweet” and “@CharityName” as well as the “$(Amount). ”


9. @Pay

A service that enables users to donate in two taps by either replying to an email or a text message. Get ready! The days of donors entering their name, address, and credit card information into online forms are coming to an end.