Early Adopter NGOs ONGs Domains FacebookUnlike the .ORG domain which can be registered by any individual or brand (but mostly registered by nonprofits and socially conscious for-profits), the new .NGO and .ONG domains can only be registered by nonprofits, charities, NGOs (non-governmental organizations), and ONGs (non-governmental organizations in a romance-based language). Think about that for a second or two. When your online donors and advocates see that your nonprofit uses .NGO or .ONG for your website URL and email addresses, there will be no doubt in their minds that your nonprofit is legal because your nonprofit must complete a validation process via OnGood to be able to use the domains. In an online world where anyone or any brand can launch online fundraising campaign through third-party crowdfunding sites (such as GoFundMe and Indiegogo), it will become increasingly important to communicate to online donors and advocates that your nonprofit is legal, valid, and an online brand to be trusted.

That said, below is a list of early adopters using the new .NGO and .ONG domains. Current growth is occurring in parts of the world where “NGO” and “ONG” are commonly used terms and in regions where “nonprofit” and “charity” are more common, many nonprofits and charities are purchasing the domains (they are sold as a bundle) and having them forward to their .ORG website(s).

1. Australian Wildlife Conservancy ● australianwildlife.ngo
? Australia

Mission: To establish wildlife sanctuaries by acquiring land and through partnerships with landholders.

Australian Wildlife Conservancy

2. Educate Girls ● educategirls.ngo
? India

Mission: To improve access and quality of education for 4 million children living in underserved communities in India.

Educate Girls

3. Fundação Roberto Marinho ● frm.ong
? Brazil

Mission: To promote the right to education and to preserve the environment and cultural heritage of Brazil.


4. Grassroots Pakistan ● grassrootspakistan.ngo
? Pakistan

Mission: To help eradicate extreme poverty through community development projects in urban sanitation, water filtration, health, alternative energy, and economic empowerment.

Grassroots Pakistan

5. Kijani ● kijani.ngo
? Kenya

Mission: To restore Kenyan highland forests and elevate the discussion on sustainability.


6. International Corporate Accountability Roundtable ● icar.ngo
? United States

Mission: To ensure corporations respect human rights in their global operations.


7. Kopernik ● kopernik.ngo
? Indonesia

Mission: To fund social entrepreneurs in the developing world through crowdfunding.


8. International Society of Street Papers ● insp.ngo
? Scotland

Mission: To support 113 street paper enterprises in 34 countries in order to combat urban poverty.

INSP Street Papers

9. Naves de Esperanza ● nde.ong
? Spain

Mission: To provide free surgeries to the world’s neediest nations on the world’s largest civilian hospital ship.

Mercy Ship Espana

10. Project 1948 Foundation ● project1948.ngo
? United States

Mission: To foster peace among  young adults through the arts in post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Project 1948

11. Water for All ● water4all.ngo
? Germany

Mission: To improve the water supply of the 1.2 billion people worldwide who do not have clean drinking water.

Water for All

12. World Vision International ● wvi.ngo
? United Kingdom

Mission: To provide sustainable transformation in the lives of poor children and provide emergency relief that assists people afflicted by conflict or disaster.

World Vision International

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12 Early Adopters of the .NGO and .ONG Domains