5 Types of online campaigns ideal for the new .NGO domains facebookWritten by Heather Mansfield who works as an Ambassador for the Public Interest Registry – the nonprofit operator of the .ORG, .NGO and .ONG domains.

The fact that the .NGO domains listed below (except techreport.ngo) and in the graphic to the right are still available is astounding and for early adopters with vision, an opportunity to register a domain for good not seen since the domain registration craze of the late 1990’s. While most .ORG domains were taken years ago, the new .NGO domain is still relatively available and they make excellent microsites and redirects for online fundraising, cause awareness, and advocacy campaigns – and not just because you’re likely to still be able to register your first or second choice, but also because the new .NGO domain requires proof of legal status to register and use for web and email communications. The legal validation requirement lends instant credibility to your nonprofit’s online brand and as use of the domain spreads around the globe, online donors and supporters will soon come to understand that when they see an online campaign hosted on a .NGO domain, it is an online campaign that can be trusted and donated to without hesitation.

1) Fundraising Campaigns
givewater.ngo ★ #WorldWaterDaygivewater

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2) Cause Awareness Campaigns
worldelephantday.ngo ★ #WorldElephantDay


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3) Online Pledge Websites
adoptdontshop.ngo ★ #adoptdontshop


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4) Online Petition Campaigns
nationalparks.ngo ★ #SaveNationalParks


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5) A Report Launch Website
techreport.ngo ★ #NGOTECH16



Is your first choice of the new .NGO and .ONG domains still available? Likely, but not for long. Search name.com and use code TECH4GOOD through April 30 to save 50% and register your .NGO for only $20US.

Please Note: The NGO acronym translates to “ONG” in regions where Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese are spoken. When your nonprofit registers .NGO, you’ll automatically receive a complimentary .ONG domain as well.