Digital payments are going to make a big impact on social and mobile media in 2017, but there are some new fundraising services and niche tools and apps that speak to current fundraising trends in the nonprofit sector i.e., the decreased of use cash, the rapid rise of the app economy, and gaming for good. That said, launching a fundraising start-up is not easy and the odds of making it long-term are slim. Your experimentation with at least one of the tools below (or from the 2016 list and 2015 list), would be greatly appreciated by their founders.

1) Brackets for Good

Brackets for Good hosts online, bracket-style fundraising tournaments that encourage donors to out-fundraise their opponents on behalf of their favorite nonprofit. The winner of the tournament receives a $100,000 grand prize.

2) Bstow

Bstow is a mobile app that allows users to easily roundup credit and debit purchases to be automatically donated to their favorite nonprofits. Users can set a monthly limit and donate to any nonprofit in the United States.

3) Dipjar

DipJar enables cashless donations via tip jars and donation boxes for credit cards. The service manages every aspect of transactions, from processing to payout.

 4) Goodpin

Goodpin (currently in beta) is a hub of special offers on products and services offered by brands that can be redeemed by making a donation to participating nonprofits.

5) Goodworld

Goodworld enables donors to give on Facebook and Twitter with two taps and a #donate hashtag. Recently relaunched with an improved design and donation process, the service now also offers two-tap giving on the web.

6) Internet of Things (IoT) Buttons

The AWS IoT Button is a programmable button based on the Amazon Dash Button hardware. In addition to these 26 interesting hacks of the AWS Iot button, one coder has created an Amazon Dash button that donates to the ACLU. In 2017 it will be interesting to watch if the nonprofit sector adopts the technology and creates more IoT Buttons for donating and advocacy. That said, there is one problem with the Amazon Dash Button: the battery is not replaceable or rechargeable, so the hardware does need to be more sustainable for it to be widely adopted by the social good sector. Perhaps a new button hardware will be introduced by a service other than Amazon?

7) Spotfund

Spotfund is a location-based mobile app that allows users to search for stories (created by nonprofits) to donate to that are in near proximity or located in their local community.

8) Tiltify

Tiltify is a crowdfunding service for gamers that enables them to raise money through online streams like and YouTube. Gamers can use the service to recruit online donations, create rewards, track progress, and create fundraising teams.

Based upon the survey results of 4,908 NGOs worldwide, the 2017 Global NGO Online Technology Report is groundbreaking in that it is the only annual research project dedicated to studying how NGOs use online technology on a global scale.