UPDATE: This webinar was presented on January 28, 2020. You can view a recording on Vimeo.

This is your year. It’s time to take on new terrain by building a targeted multichannel donor journey that ensures every member of your community feels connected to your cause throughout the year. In this must-watch webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Take a multichannel approach to your donor communications
  • Align your digital strategies to form a cohesive donor journey
  • Build meaningful donor relationships through timely touchpoints
  • Track and measure your success so you know how to invest resources

The inspiration doesn’t stop here. After you’ve tuned in, DonorPerfect wants to help you stay on task with Your 2020 Fundraising Calendar, a printable calendar with fundraising ideas and resource links for every month of the year. After the webinar, you’ll be able to download the calendar right from your inbox.