UPDATE: This webinar was presented on February 11, 2020. You can view a recording on YouTube.

In-person fundraising events are wonderful ways to help organizations meet new donors, establish trust and, of course, raise money. To reach those event goals, nonprofits need to deploy proven strategies that boost their event revenue. Considering that the majority of donors are online and on mobile, savvy nonprofits should prepare for an in-person fundraiser by maximizing their online tools used before, during and post event. This webinar will show you how your nonprofit can capture new donors, drive event attendance and make it easy to give anytime, anywhere with expert tips and strategies. Topics to include:

  • Best practices for setting-up all your fundraising event components including online ticketing, RSVPs and registration, sponsorships, donation forms, table captain pages, and more.
  • Crafting compelling event communications and calendar that drives attendance and boosts giving.
  • Digital strategies for during your event to get guests excited and inspired to give using fundraising thermometers, donor walls, mobile messaging and text-to-donate.
  • Creative ways to involve event non-attendees through your website, social media, and text messaging.
  • How to keep your donors engaged and ready to share your mission post-event.