2024 Website Marketing Statistics for Nonprofits

A supplemental post to 101 Digital Marketing & Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits, the website statistics listed below can guide your nonprofit in creating and maintaining a website that maximizes the user experience and fundraising success.

Website Design

Website Traffic

  • Nonprofits have an average of 12,708 website visitors per month. [NextAfter]
  • Nonprofits average a 60-70% bounce rate – a good bounce rate is between 40% or below – indicating that that improvements are needed to engage visitors and encourage them to explore more of your website. [Impact SEO]
  • Mobile users represented 52% of all visits to nonprofit websites, with 48% of traffic from users on desktop devices. [M+R Benchmarks]
  • Organic traffic (website traffic generated by unpaid search results) generates 44% of all nonprofit website visits. [M+R Benchmarks]
  • The top three sources of website traffic are direct / email (22%), organic search (17%), and social media (16%). [HubSpot]

Website Fundraising

  • Visitors on desktop devices make up the majority of donation transactions (67%). [M+R Benchmarks]
  • Overall, 0.23% of organic website visitors make a donation, generating an average of $0.77 per visitor. [M+R Benchmarks]
  • The average gift made on desktop devices is $137; for mobile users, the average gift is $83. [M+R Benchmarks]
  • 68% of online donors most trust websites and email addresses that use the .org domain. [Global Trends in Giving Report]

Website Security

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