The Biggest Branding Mistakes Nonprofits Make: 3 Essential Fixes

June 16, 2024
Despite meaningful and transformative missions, nonprofits often fall into common branding traps. Small and medium-sized nonprofits, in particular, often lack the resources and expertise to craft compelling narratives, engage supporters, and clearly define the problems they address. This leads to confusion, disengagement, and missed opportunities for support.

The Top 3 Charity Rating & Badge Programs for Nonprofits

April 24, 2024
Seventy-two percent of individuals say that the presence of a charity rating badge increases their likelihood of giving. If your nonprofit does not have charity rating badges on your website, then it's time to look into getting registered with Charity Navigator, Candid, and GreatNonprofits. All three programs are free to use, accept online donations, and are nonprofit organizations themselves.