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What Are Gaming Fundraisers and How Can They Raise Donations for Your Nonprofit?

March 26, 2020
By Kayla Matthews, writer at and journalist dedicated to helping others better their productivity. The rise of the livestream, combined with the growing popularity and widespread appeal of video games, has created an attractive new opportunity for charities — gaming fundraisers. These events are an exciting new kind

Facebook Ad Strategy for Non-Profits & Charities: 9 Things to Understand and Test

March 17, 2020
By Jean O’Brien, founder of Digital Charity Lab, a social enterprise that builds digital skills in non-profits and shares free learning resources. Jean is also a freelance consultant who works on digital strategy, marketing and design for non-profits. Facebook Ads are the channel that Digital Charity Lab

3 Infographic Tips for Nonprofits

February 21, 2020
Amelia Kohm, Ph.D., is the founder of Data Viz for Nonprofits, a design consultancy that delivers high-quality visualizations that help organizations to quickly grasp their data, improve their work, and show their impact. Seems nonprofit communications folks everywhere have jumped on the infographic bandwagon. The thinking goes

10 Common Misconceptions Nonprofits Have About Bitcoin Fundraising

February 6, 2020
By Alex Wilson and Pat Duffy, co-founders of The Giving Block Nonprofits have been accepting cryptocurrency donations for over a decade. The recent spike in cryptocurrency fundraising was sparked by IRS guidance which provided clarity and ignited the trend. Over the last couple of years, we’ve spent hundreds of hours talking

How NGOs Worldwide Can Use Digital Storytelling to Access, Attract and Activate U.S. Donors

January 9, 2020
By Elizabeth Ngonzi, Adjunct Faculty at New York University Center for Global Affairs and Former CEO of Afrika Tikkun USA Please follow Ms. Ngonzi on Twitter and LinkedIn and register for her upcoming on March 24, How NGOs Worldwide Can Use Digital Storytelling to Access, Attract and

Cut Through the Clutter: Why Storytelling Matters for Nonprofits

November 21, 2019
By Michelle Chen is an independent scholar who recently graduated with a PhD in mass communications with a focus on advocacy, activism and social change. She helps brands grow engagement and build relationships with their audience. Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S. labor force today

Which Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is Best for Your Nonprofit?

November 15, 2019
By Dr. Allison Quintanilla Plattsmier, CFRE, CNP, CNC, Executive Director of the Jordan Thomas Foundation and Owner of AQP Consulting The constant grind to find new funds is the challenge of every nonprofit. Fundraising comes down to one thing: relationships. The ability to track and monitor those