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GoFundMe Charity

GoFundMe Charity™ is an easy-to-use platform that helps nonprofits raise money by offering robust fundraising features, such as custom branding, registration and ticketing, advanced data reporting, and customizable donate buttons.


Launched in 2008, MobileCause pioneered the use of text-to-donate in the nonprofit sector. In the years since they have expanded to offer online, mobile and event fundraising solutions, peer-to-peer campaigns, mobile messaging, robust reporting & analytics, and CRM integration.


DonorPerfect is a CRM software that offers a comprehensive suite of fundraising tools used by over 50,000 nonprofits. Founded in 1981, the DonorPerfect platform can be customized for the needs of small, medium, and large nonprofits and comes with top-rated onboarding and training support.


Funraise extremely well-built, all-in-one CRM that offers modern tools, such as fundraising intelligence and integration with Facebook Fundraisers and Twitch. Funraise generously supports the Global NGO Technology Report and the Global Trends in Giving Report.


Journity offers nonprofits an easy, effective way to convert website visitors into email subscribers and donors through personalized pop-ups. Their first-of-its-kind software studies your visitors’ interests and then presents them with call-to-action pop-ups based on their interests and browsing activity.

Harbor Compliance

Harbor Compliance helps U.S. nonprofit organizations maintain compliance with federal, state, and local government licensing requirements. They also provide assistance assistance with starting a 501(c)(3) and tax registration and exemption.

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