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1. Publish a sponsored blog post.

For those nonprofit technology service providers looking to increase their brand exposure in the nonprofit community, there is a flat fee of $500 to publish a sponsored post on Nonprofit Tech for Good. Your post is shared on Nonprofit Tech for Good’s social communities and promoted in our weekly e-newsletter. You also have the option to boost the post on Facebook for an additional $25.

Content Guidelines

  • Content must be written in the style of Nonprofit Tech for Good (simple, straight-forward, useful). How-to posts with screenshots, numbered lists, and infographics are the posts that receive the most engagement.
  • Subject matter should be related to nonprofit technology, communications, or fundraising (web, email, social media, mobile, CRM, data, AI, trending topics, emerging technology, etc.).
  • Content cannot be overly promotional or commercial.

Where Your Post Will be Shared

Please Note: Sponsored posts are currently booked through March 2020. Now scheduling for April-June 2020. To pitch your post, please contact Heather Mansfield.

2. Present a sponsored webinar.

Reach 500-1,500 nonprofit professionals by presenting a webinar in partnership with Nonprofit Tech for Good. Your webinar is promoted extensively to Nonprofit Tech for Good’s social communities and live-tweeted from @NonprofitOrgs. Sponsors can customize the webinar registration form to optimize the contact information of your registrants. Sponsors are expected to email registrants a link to the recording of the webinar and/or a set of notes within 48 hours of the end of the webinar. The fee to sponsor a webinar is $2,500.

Sponsored webinars are currently booked through April 2020. Now scheduling May and June 2020.

3. Become a content partner.

Nonprofit Tech for Good offers content promotion partnerships to nonprofit technology service providers similar in mission to Nonprofit Tech for Good. Your content is regularly promoted in Nonprofit Tech for Good’s email newsletter and shared on our social communities.  The monthly fee is $1,500 and requires a 6-month contract. During the six months, your company can also present one sponsored webinar and publish two sponsored posts on Nonprofit Tech for Good.

The next availability to join Nonprofit Tech for Good on a content partner is March 1, 2020.

4. Sponsor a nonprofit technology guide.

Heather Mansfield, author of Social Media for Social Good and Mobile for Good and founder of Nonprofit Tech for Good, has an idea for a 50+ page nonprofit technology guide. The guide will be written in the winter of 2019 and published in the spring of 2020 and cover website, email, fundraising, and social media best practices. The sponsor receives prominent branding throughout the guide and the email addresses of those that download the guide.

For more information about the sponsorship opportunities listed above, please contact Heather Mansfield.



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