Sponsorship Opportunities

Nonprofit Tech for Good and the services we offer would not exist if not for the support of our sponsors. Thank you to our 2022 sponsors!

To inquire about becoming a sponsor, please contact Heather Mansfield.

1. Publish a sponsored blog post.

Sponsoring a post on Nonprofit Tech for Good reaches thousands of nonprofit professionals. Content must be focused on nonprofit technology, digital marketing, or online fundraising. Our readers are most interested in posts related to social media, online and social fundraising, email marketing, and emerging technology.

More Information ► Cost, Benefits, and Content Guidelines

The next due dates available to publish a sponsored post are May 11 and June 22.

2. Provide a content resource.

Content resources can be blog posts, reports, eGuides, or conferences hosted on a sponsor’s website that are promoted to the Nonprofit Tech for Good community. Content resources must be tailored to the nonprofit sector and related to nonprofit technology, digital marketing, or online fundraising.

More Information ► Cost and Benefits 

The next dates available to provide a content resource are March 24 and April 15.

3. Present a sponsored webinar.

Sponsoring a webinar for Nonprofit Tech for Good is an excellent way to grow your brand recognition and provide valuable training to nonprofit professionals. The number of webinar registrants varies from 500-1,000 depending on the topic.

More Information ► Cost, Benefits, and Presentation Guidelines

Sponsored webinars are booked through August 2022. September 13 and November 15 are reserved for new content partners. To become a content partner, please see below.

4. Become a content partner.

Nonprofit Tech for Good offers content partnerships to service providers that specialize in the nonprofit sector. Content partners sign on to provide a combination of sponsored posts and content resources to the Nonprofit Tech for Good community at a discounted rate.

More Information ► Cost and Benefits

5. Sponsor the 2022 Open Data Project.

Open data is the idea that some data should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as they wish. Based on the survey responses from the 2022 Global Trends in Giving Survey, the 2022 Open Data Project will examine how donors prefer to engage and give to their favorite charitable organizations.

More Information ► Cost and Benefits (Coming Soon)

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