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Launched in 2009, to date Nonprofit Tech for Good has been able to support itself by charging individuals to attend webinars. However, in 2019 all Nonprofit Tech for Good webinars will be free and for the first time, Nonprofit Tech for Good will open to sponsorship. Currently, there are three sponsorship opportunities:

1. Sponsor a blog post

For those technology companies looking to increase their brand exposure in the nonprofit community, there is a flat fee of $500 USD to publish a sponsored post on Nonprofit Tech for Good.

2. Sponsor a webinar

Reach 1,000+ nonprofit professionals and grow your email list by presenting a webinar in partnership with Nonprofit Tech for Good.

3. Sponsor a Tweet Chat or Instagram Takeover

Co-host a Tweet Chat with Nonprofit Tech for Good or coordinate an Instagram Takeover.

4. Sponsor a nonprofit technology guide

Heather Mansfield, author of Social Media for Social Good and Mobile for Good and founder of Nonprofit Tech for Good, has an idea for a nonprofit technology guide in 2019 and is currently seeking sponsorship to allow her to take the time to write, edit, and publish the guide.

For more information about the sponsorship opportunities listed above, please contact Heather Mansfield.

Nonprofit Tech for Good cannot exist without
the support of our sponsors!

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