On a Blog Break Until August 14!

July 11, 2017
With the release the 2017 Global NGO Technology Survey on August 1, the release of the first edition of the 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report on September 4, and a packed schedule of webinars and in-person trainings this fall that need to be prepared for, for

What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know About Gen Z

June 26, 2017
Youth belonging to Generation Z were born in and after 1998. The oldest of Gen Zs are currently entering college and finishing high school. Raised predominantly by Gen Xers who were pummeled by the Great Recession, early research about those belonging to Gen Z indicates that they are

10 Random, but Interesting Stats About Online Donors Worldwide

June 10, 2017
The inaugural edition of the Global Trends in Giving Report will be released on September 4,2017.  The report is groundbreaking in that it is the only annual research project dedicated to studying how and why donors worldwide give to their favorite causes and charitable organizations. If you

5 Lessons Learned from Donating to 25 Nonprofits

May 28, 2017
If you have donated to a nonprofit within the last 12 months, then please take the 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report! This week Nonprofit Tech for Good donated $25 to 25 nonprofits in order to study how nonprofits are progressing in the design of their donation

Are the Majority of Online Donors Liberal Female Gen Xers?

May 19, 2017
Liberal female Gen Xers may not be the majority of online donors, but they definitely are the demographic participating most in the 2017 Global Trends in Giving Survey. Good for them and thank you, however, the inaugural edition of the Global Trends in Giving Report to be

How to Create a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign on Facebook

May 8, 2017
Currently only nonprofits in the United States can take advantage of Facebook Fundraisers. This is frustrating to many NGOs, charities, and nonprofits located outside of the United States, but it’s due to the fact that the United States has a database of nonprofits called GuideStar USA that Facebook can sync

59 Useful Mobile Apps & Online Tools for Nonprofits

May 2, 2017
The number of low-cost or free apps and online tools available to nonprofits today is astounding. Provided you set aside the time to explore and experiment, your nonprofit can use the apps and tools listed below to significantly improve your web and email communications and your social media

Announcing the 2017 Global Trends in Giving Survey!

April 29, 2017
Thank you for taking the 2017 Global Trends in Giving Survey!  Published in English, español, and français, the goal of the 2017 Global Trends in Giving Survey is to gain a better understanding of how donors worldwide prefer to give and engage with nonprofits, NGOs, and charities

12 Must-Know Stats About Online Fundraising, Social Media, and Mobile Technology

April 18, 2017
Now into the second quarter of 2017, three themes are taking shape that the nonprofit sector should be aware of. First, online fundraising revenue is growing worldwide and it will continue to increase for years to come. The arc of success for digital fundraising has just begun.

5 Nonprofit Content Themes That Inspire Action

March 27, 2017
The following is an excerpt from Mobile for Good: A How-To Fundraising Guide for Nonprofits and a follow-up to 5 Online Communication Styles for Nonprofits. From print to email communications, but especially on mobile and social media, there are content themes guaranteed to inspire a reaction on the part your