6 Must-Download Mobile Apps for Good

January 15, 2018
Thus far, nonprofits have struggled to create mobile apps that their donors and supporters want to use. They don’t have the financial resources or staff expertise necessary and as a result, app stores are lacking in apps that inspire people to do good. Now 11 years after

Free Webinar on February 13! How NGOs Worldwide Use Technology

January 10, 2018
Date: Tuesday, February 13 Time: 1pm EST/10am PST Presenter: Heather Mansfield Over the last two decades the NGO sector has embraced technology, but economic and political factors and the quality of Internet infrastructure regionally often affects how well NGOs worldwide can use technology. Not surprisingly, there is

2018 Cause Awareness & Giving Day Calendar

January 1, 2018
Cause awareness and giving days can be very powerful themes upon which to launch online fundraising campaigns. The real-time, in-the-moment nature of cause awareness and giving days can inspire donors to give provided that your nonprofit knows how to promote the days effectively. The first step is to decide which days

10 Emerging Trends in Online Communications and Fundraising to Watch in 2018

December 19, 2017
As personal computers, smartphones, and the Internet of Things evolve, so must your nonprofit. This webinar was presented on December 19 to more than 1,900 nonprofit staff worldwide and focused on what’s new and next in online communications and fundraising to help nonprofits prepare for the future

25 Must-Know Global Trends in Giving

November 22, 2017
Based upon the survey results of 4,084 donors worldwide, the 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report is an annual research project that examines how donors prefer to give and engage with their favorite causes and charitable organizations. Sponsored by the Public Interest Registry and researched by Nonprofit Tech for Good,

#GiftsforGood 🎁 A Hashtag for Holiday Shopping That Benefits Nonprofits

November 21, 2017
According to PayPal Holiday Research 2017, 63% of consumers are more likely to shop from a store that will donate a percentage of their proceeds to a cause. #GiftsforGood is a hashtag campaign meant to help consumers find holiday gifts that benefit good causes: Nonprofits 🎁 Use #GiftsforGood on

Cause Awareness & Giving Day Campaigns for Nonprofits

November 14, 2017
The rise of social media has also given rise to online giving on cause awareness and giving days. The urgency of a campaign occurring on a certain day inspires individuals to donate, but only if your nonprofit prepares in advance and creates an online campaign that taps