How Twitter Donations Work: What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know

December 4, 2016
Share29 Tweet34 Share8 +13 Flip EmailShares 74Twitter is experimenting with allowing certain nonprofits to accept donations directly through tweets. Like how only a select few nonprofits had access to Facebook’s early launch of their Facebook Fundraising Tools, only a select few nonprofits currently have access to Twitter

In the Spirit of Year-End Giving ❤️ $0.99 .NGO Domains Through 12/31/16!

November 25, 2016
Share4 Tweet25 Share2 +1 Flip EmailShares 31In the spirit of year-end giving, is offering .NGO domains for only $.99 through the end of 2016. If your NGO, nonprofit, or charity has yet to protect your organization’s primary online brand (your .ORG website and email!) by registering

5 Nonprofit Technology Trends to Watch in 2017

November 22, 2016
Share332 Tweet219 Share210 +18 Flip EmailShares 769The following is an excerpt from October-December 2016 Edition of AsianNGO Magazine. Facebook launched in 2004, YouTube in 2005, and Twitter in 2006. For over a decade nonprofits, charities, and NGOs worldwide have been embracing social media with the hope of

10 Social Media Strategies That Increase Engagement and Inspire Donors

November 8, 2016
Share100 Tweet179 Share124 +16 Flip EmailShares 409For nonprofits to succeed on social media, they have to be good at social media and that requires a clear understanding of how, when, and why individuals engage with nonprofits on social media. With a primary focus on blogging, Facebook, Twitter,

30 Online Stores That Benefit Nonprofits

November 4, 2016
Share121 Tweet149 Share30 +15 Flip EmailShares 305The National Retail Federation estimates that U.S. households will spend an average of $935.58 this holiday season. That translates into billions of dollars in consumer spending that can empower philanthropy and social good. By shopping at any of the 30 online stores

20 Holiday Gift Programs That Benefit Nonprofits

November 3, 2016
Share31 Tweet128 Share24 +15 Flip EmailShares 188For environmentally friendly and socially conscious holiday shoppers that prefer to give donations to nonprofits as holiday gifts, the 20 holiday gift programs listed below are a good starting point for your holiday shopping. Ranging from wildlife conservation to refugee relief,

How to Create a Twitter Moment for Your Nonprofit

October 23, 2016
Share46 Tweet188 Share59 +18 Flip EmailShares 301Twitter Moments as defined by Twitter are curated tweets collected into a story. First launched in October 2015 in partnership with a select few media partners, as of September 29 all Twitter users can now create Moments. For nonprofits active on

A Day Trip to The Hague, Netherlands: International City of Peace and Justice

October 22, 2016
Share2 Tweet31 Share1 +11 Flip EmailShares 35An Instagram Photo and Video Essay by Heather Mansfield For many years I’ve wanted to visit The Hague, Netherlands. 🇳🇱 Known as the International City of Peace and Justice, there are more than 160 NGOs in Den Haag working to make the world

How to Redirect Your New .NGO Domain to Your .ORG Website

October 18, 2016
Share2K Tweet65 Share10 +12 Flip EmailShares 2KWritten by Heather Mansfield who works as an Ambassador for the Public Interest Registry – the nonprofit operator of the .ORG, .NGO and .ONG domains. Unlike the .ORG domain which can be bought and used by any brand or individual, the new

10 Online Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits

October 11, 2016
Share60 Tweet188 Share40 +16 Flip EmailShares 294The technology to donate online was launched in the late 1990’s and through a process of trial and error NGOs have slowly been able to build donor’s confidence in the technology and grow their online donor database. Today online donations make