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[FREE WEBINAR] How to Use Social Media to Raise Money Online

January 4, 2019
Update: This webinar was presented on February 19, 2019. Due to its popularity, it will be presented again on October 8.  Packed with practical, how-to advice and examples for small nonprofits on a limited budget, this free webinar will show you how to leverage your social media

6 Signs Your Nonprofit Needs a New Website

December 13, 2018
By Katy Teson, a content strategist at Wired Impact, an organization seeking to make powerful websites something all nonprofits can afford. She also writes about digital marketing with helpful and actionable advice on Wired Impact’s nonprofit marketing blog and for their online guides. Are you getting that sinking

12 Things Non-Profits Need to Know About Google Ad Grants

December 6, 2018
By Jean O’Brien, founder of Digital Charity Lab, a social enterprise that builds digital skills in non-profits and shares free learning resources. She also works part-time as Head of Digital for Barnardos Ireland and does freelance consulting.  1) You can get $10k per month in free advertising from Google

2019 Cause Awareness & Giving Day Calendar for Nonprofits

December 3, 2018
Cause awareness and giving days can be very powerful themes upon which to launch online fundraising campaigns. The real-time, in-the-moment nature of cause awareness and giving days can inspire donors to give provided that your nonprofit knows how to promote the days effectively. The first step is to decide which days