Staying current with the latest digital marketing and fundraising trends and benchmarks is essential for nonprofits. The reports listed below are the nonprofit sector’s most useful research reports and 2024 editions reaffirm the growing power of monthly giving, the waning influence of organic social media, and that email marketing remains a tried and true method for online fundraising success.

1. Benchmarks Study 2024 :: Download
[US] Published by M+R

2. Charity Digital Skills Report 2024 :: Download
[UK] Published by Skills Platform

3. Nonprofit Communications Trends Report 2024 :: Download
[US] Published by Nonprofit Marketing Guide

4. The Giving Report 2024 :: Download
[Canada] Published by CanadaHelps

5. Nonprofit Recurring Giving Report 2024 :: Download
[US] Published by Neon One

6. Nonprofit Email Report 2023 :: Download
[US] Published by Neon One

7. World Giving Index 2023 :: Download
[Worldwide] Published by the Charities Aid Foundation

8. Nonprofit Tech for Good Report 2023 :: Download
[Worldwide] Published by Nonprofit Tech for Good

9. Giving Behaviours Report 2023 :: Download
[UK] Published by Blue State

10. Charitable Giving Report 2021 :: Download
[US] Published by the Blackbaud

Please note: This list is published annually and in the past, over 30 research reports were listed—but most have ceased production since the pandemic. If there is a high-quality report you’d like to recommend be added to the list, please share it with one of our LinkedIn Groups for review. We are especially interested in digital marketing and fundraising reports published in countries outside of the US, Canada, and the UK. Thank you!

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