A continuation of the original Five Fun and Fabulous Twitter Tools for Nonprofit Organizations and Activists, here are five more fun and fabulous tools that nonprofits can use to spruce up their Twitter campaigns:twitter22

1) Trottr: Trottr allows you to record brief audio messages with your cell phone that are then hosted on the Trottr Web site. After you record a message, you are given a URL for the message that you can post on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc. For example, here’s my first message: trottr.com/74qcww. All future Trottr messages are then hosted on your organization’s Trottr profile. If your organization gets on Trottr, please friend me at: trottr.com/nonprofitorgs

2) @2gov: If your organization engages in advocacy work, this new tools is a great way to launch advocacy campaigns on Twitter. Simply include @2gov in Tweets related to your advocacy campaign and @2gov identifies specific representatives and sends them Tweet reports. Make sure you watch the One-Minute Video Tour on their homepage.

3) Qui.tw: This service quite simply allows to pin point a location on world map and generates a short URL that you can use on social networking sites and online event invitations. For example, I live here: http://qui.tw/1U

4) 12seconds: As blogging goes micro, so does video. 12seconds allows users to easily record videos with your laptop camera or cellphone, and then upload them to your 12 seconds video channel. Big Cat Rescue was a pioneer is using YouTube and they also have 12seconds channel: 12seconds.tv/channel/BigCatRescue If your organization gets on 12seonds, please friend me at: 12seconds.tv/channel/nonprofitorgs

5) TwitCause: TwitCause has exploded from a couple of thousand followers to over 130,000 in less than a month. Much of that has to do with the fact that you have to follow TwitCause to use the service, but they are definitely on to something. First, you can nominate your organization a Cause. Second, you then promote your Cause and the Cause with the most vote wins. What do nonprofits win? Primary placement on their homepage with links to their “Donate Now” pages on their Web site.

This site more than anything can add something new and different to your Twitter strategy, and hopefully your followers will promote your TwitCause and vote for you. Personally, I think if in the future they develop more services to benefit nonprofits (rather than banners ads and marketing music and games on their site), then they could become a real player in the nonprofit sector.

In my Webinar covering Twitter and Flickr, I cover all five of these tools… as well as 15 more that are useful to the nonprofit sector. Tweeting and ReTweeting is powerful in and of itself (that’s been my experience), but using some of these third party tools can really transform your Twitter strategy!