This morning I followed my 10,000th nonprofit on Twitter! A young nonprofit dedicated to building schools for girls in developing countries named Circle of Women. That they are number 10,000 is completely random, but I am pleased that it is an organization with a mission dear to my heart. I worked for a number of years in international development and it’s true when they say “Empower Women – Change the World.”

Their first project is a secondary school for 1,200 girls in Afghanistan where the female literacy rate is only 12%. Also known as Project Wonkhai, the school opened it’s doors in March 2009. Let’s help them get started on Twitter by following them at @CoWReachnTeach. If you are feeling generous, please join me in making a small donation. Since they use Google Checkout to process their donations, you can give as little as $1. I gave $25 [which will provide 1 student with textbooks and other supplies for 1 year]. If you do make a donation, please let me know by posting a comment below. I’ll return the favor by sending a Tweet to the 76,000+ followers [Wow!] of @NonprofitOrgs letting them know you did so – no matter how small your donation. Just be sure to list the Twitter username you want me to Tweet and you don’t need to say publicly how much you gave.

In an effort to serve as portal to nonprofits on Twitter, @NonprofitOrgs only follows nonprofit organizations [now 10,000!]. If you are nonprofit on Twitter, and I am not yet following your organization, please Tweet:

@Follow Request @NonprofitOrgs

Thank you. Also, Circle of Women… for being number 10,000, you win a free pass for all your staff. 🙂