6/20 Update: Foursquare surpasses 10,000,000 users.

Original Post from 6/28/10: Foursquare now has 1.6 million users. That may not seem like very many compared to Facebook’s 465 million users, but Foursquare is only one year-old and growing quickly. Part social networking site, part smartphone App, Foursquare is a tool meant to be primary used on the go on your smartphone. Quite simply, you “Check-in” to venues while physically at the venue and offer “Tips” and send out “Shouts”.

If your nonprofit does not add itself as a venue to Foursquare, then someone else will do it for you – and likely not in the way your would prefer. When it comes to Foursquare, you don’t have the decision of whether or not you want to participate. Adding venues is user-driven, and so far users have added 1.5+ million venues.

For the 10 types of nonprofits listed below, adding your nonprofit as a venue to Foursquare needs to quickly be moved to the top of your To Do List:

1. Museums and Art Galleries :: Museum of Modern Art
2. Libraries :: New York Public Library
3. Performing arts venues and theatres :: The Tank
4. Animal shelters, zoos and aquariaums :: Monterey Bay Aquarium
5. Food banks and homeless shelters: St. Mary’s Food Bank
6. Health clinics, hospitals and gyms :: 92nd Street Y
7. Outdoor recreation venues :: Grand Canyon National Park
8. Schools and universities :: UCLA
9. Religious institutions :: Washington National Cathedral
10. Corporate accountability organizations :: Nonprofits that work to hold corporations and businesses accountable for dastardly deeds and misconduct should be adding “Tips” to their venues on Foursquare. Example: Add tips to pet stores that sell puppy-milled puppies, to retail stores that use sweatshop labor, to banks that engage in predatory lending, etc.

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