Whether it is better and more productive to Retweet old-school style or with just one-click using Twitter’s Retweet function is a question I have been asking myself for months now, and the truth is I just don’t know the answer yet. Both methods have their pros and cons, and without asking my followers, it’s hard to say with conviction which is the better Retweet method. So I am asking my followers:

TWTPOLL: Is it better to Retweet old-school style,
or use Twitter’s Retweet function?

Twitter’s Retweet Function
Simply click “Retweet”

Pros of Twitter’s Retweet Function:

1) The logo of the profile that you are Retweeting is sent out to your followers. This makes your Tweets richer, more interesting, more varied, and sends a message that you are a generous Twitterer. Etiquette is very subtle on Twitter, and promoting others often reflects well upon you and your organization. Retweet unto others as you would have them Retweet unto you. That’s the Gold Rule of Twitter, and Twitter’s Retweet functionality is the epitome of this rule in action.

2) It’s easy. Two clicks and the Tweet is sent.

3) Twitter only counts the content of the Tweet (minus the Twitter username) as characters towards the 140-character limit, so you can Retweet longer Tweets.

4) You can view an archive of all your Retweets under “Retweets > Retweets by you.”

5) Your “Profile” view just doesn’t have Tweets with your logo (it’s all about me!), but also the logo of those you have Retweeted:

Cons of Twitter’s Retweet Function:

1) Your followers may unfollow you if you send out a Tweet/logo/brand that they don’t recognize (or like/agree with). When Twitter first launched the Retweet functionality, it actually made me lose followers when I used it, so I didn’t. But I have been experimenting with it over the last two weeks and that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. After a year in use, perhaps the Twitterverse has become more accustomed and more tolerant of seeing Tweets in their “Home” view from Twitter profiles that they aren’t following?

2) You can’t edit the Retweets before they are sent out, and some Tweets really need to be edited for spelling, punctuation, and hashtag spamming! 🙂

Old School Retweeting
Copy Tweet, hit “Reply”, paste Tweet, add “RT” in front, click “Tweet”

Pros of Old School Retweeting:

1) Your logo goes out with the Tweet to your followers, not that of the profile being ReTweeted. Your followers are accustomed to seeing your Tweets and logo, not those of profiles they most likely are not following. Even if they are not interested in the content of the Tweet, they are still likely to continue to follow you if it is your logo.

2) You can customize or edit the Tweets.

Cons of Old School Retweeting:

1) You are more limited in characters because you have to add “RT” and the Twitter username of the profile you are Retweeting.

2) Twitter’s Retweet function has been around now for almost a year, so continuing to Retweet old-school style when many others have moved on to Twitter’s Retweet functionality may send a subtle message that it’s all about you and your Tweets.

What do you think? Is is better to Retweet old-school style, or using Twitter’s Retweet function, and why? Personally, though I may lose followers by using Twitter’s Retweet function, I am going to stick with it since @NonprofitOrgs primary purpose is to promote nonprofits. 🙂

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