Ninety percent of your nonprofit’s success on Facebook is dependent upon the Admin who manages your Facebook Page. If she or he doesn’t have the personality or passion to elicit Comments and Thumbs Ups in response to their Status Updates, then the ROI from your Facebook Page will be minimal. Community building on Facebook and other social networking sites is an art and finding your Facebook voice takes time and experimentation. Good Facebook Admins will learn through trial and error what their Fans want to hear, see, and ultimately feel from their favorite nonprofits on Facebook. It’s a skill that nonprofit communicators have been learning and perfecting (some more than others) in recent years as the Social Web began to dominate our online lives.

If your nonprofit rarely earns Comments or Thumbs Ups in response to your Status Updates, then it’s time to start experimenting with different content and making a commitment to finding your Facebook voice. At the very least, you should have a goal of two Comments or Thumbs Up per Status Update per 1,000 Fans.  Otherwise, your Fan’s absolute silence is a clear indication that they are not paying that much attention, or worse your Status Updates are losing exposure in the News Feeds. If you are struggling with finding your Facebook voice, Like the five nonprofits listed below and learn from their example:

Wildlife SOS ::

Surfrider Foundation ::

Operation Homefront ::

National Peace Corp Association :: ::

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