Soaring tablet use and an online commons increasingly battling information overload has fundamentally changed web design as we know it. Bigger pictures, less text, larger fonts, and easy-to-tap and click buttons and navigation are the new Web design aesthetic. That said, consistency in Web design is becoming more complicated with each passing day. Do you attempt to create one website that looks good on desktops and laptops, tablets, Internet TVs, and smartphones using responsive Web design – or have multiple websites to accommodate viewing on different devices? Either way, both options are difficult to implement for nonprofits with limited budgets. Hopefully in time content management systems will make it easy and affordable for most nonprofits to publish content visually-compatible with multiple devices. Until then, since the iPad is the top selling tablet and its dimensions are compatible with desktop and laptop devices, if your nonprofit is considering launching a new website, then the following eleven nonprofit websites will help guide your design decisions. That said, during the design process make sure you have physical access to an iPad (and other tablets) so you can view and experience how your site looks on the iPad when held vertically and horizontally:

1. WildAid ::

2. Save the Children ::

3. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art ::

4. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital ::

5. One World One Ocean ::

6. The Nature Conservancy ::

7. Natural Resources Defense Council ::

8. Humane Society International ::

9. Human Rights Campaign ::

10. charity: water ::

11. American Heart Association ::

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