At long last, the new LinkedIn News Feed is here! For years I have been completely baffled by LinkedIn’s partnership with Twitter to allow a mass automation of tweets to be published the LinkedIn News Feed. All those robotic tweets rife with too many hashtags and bad punctuation essentially rendered the LinkedIn News Feed useless, gave it the appearance of a cluttered mess, and was the antithesis of social (as in social media).

So, now that the automated tweets are gone and the LinkedIn News Feed has a new design with larger pictures, it would be a very good time for nonprofit staff to start posting authentically to the LinkedIn News Feed again. I also recommend that you start promoting your LinkedIn Group if you haven’t done so in awhile because when people join a group that action gets published to a now much less cluttered news feed. Also, you might want to start publishing status updates from your nonprofit’s company page. LinkedIn users will be paying more attention to the both the “Home” news feed and “Companies” news feed in coming months so it’s definitely a good time to get more active on LinkedIn. There’s also a pretty chance that status updates from company pages could get exposure in the Home news feed in coming months and if that happens, LinkedIn could become a lot more powerful for nonprofits.

Personal Status Updates on the new Home News Feed

Company Page Status Updates on the Companies News Feed

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