Launched today, LinkedIn Board Connect for Nonprofit Organizations is a new board member recruiting program that enables nonprofits to easily tap into LinkedIn’s 175+ million strong network of professionals.  With nonprofits needing to fill approximately two million empty board seats annually, LinkedIn Board Connect could be the missing link in helping nonprofits make board member recruitment a much easier and more rewrding process.

At the core of the program is a LinkedIn premium service called Talent Finder that will be provided to participating nonprofits at no charge – a $1,000 annual value. To apply to become a “beta” partner of the LinkedIn Board Connect Program, please follow the steps below:

1. Decide who will be the primary contact and user of Board Connect within your organization and have them complete their LinkedIn Profile to 100% completeness.

2. “Connect” with your nonprofit’s current board members.

3. Claim and set up your nonprofit’s LinkedIn Company Page.

4. Visit and click on the “Sign up now” button.   The page requires visitors to fill out a short questionnaire to ensure qualification. At this point the program is only available to registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofits based in the United States. I know many nonprofits worldwide are often frustrated that the United States gets top priority when such programs are launched (by LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc.), but my sense has always been that it is a capacity issue – they start small and expand outward over time, like YouTube has done with it’s nonprofit program. Your day will come. 🙂

5. Mark your calendars for the first LinkedIn Board Connect webinar occurring on October 10 at 10am PDT. To become a beta partner in the launch of the Board Connect program, you must attend this webinar.

6. Join the Board Connect LinkedIn Group for updates and networking opportunities.

Finally, if you are a professional interested in joining a nonprofit board, be sure to add the Volunteer Experience & Causes section to your LinkedIn Profile. Expressing the causes you care about and the organizations you support will enable those nonprofits using Board Connect to connect you quickly with a board member opportunity that best matches your interests.

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