Mobile-Websites-and-TechnolA well-promoted mobile alert campaign is hard to find in the nonprofit sector. If a nonprofit is going to invest in mobile alerts, then mobile opt-ins and short code and keyword pitches should be integrated into multiple communication channels such as print, web, email, and social and mobile media. Yet strangely, it rarely happens. Mobile alerts and text-to-give campaigns seem to be managed, implemented, and promoted completely in isolation from an organization’s primary communications and fundraising strategies. The disconnect is profound and has been for years.

The good news is that some nonprofits are getting more creative and strategic about building their mobile lists and leading the way in discovering new best practices for building mobile subscriber lists.

1. Add a mobile opt-in to your e-newsletter.
Subscribe UNICEF USA

UNICEF Mobile List 1

UNICEF Mobile List 2

2. Add a mobile opt-in to your website and blog.
Subscribe Salvation Army

Salvation Army

Salvation Army Blog

3. Add a mobile opt-in to your e-newsletter opt-in.
Subscribe Peta


4. Add a mobile opt-in to your mobile website.
Subscribe Humane Society of the United States


5. Promote your short code and keyword pitch on social media.