Thus far, nonprofits have struggled to create mobile apps that their donors and supporters want to use. They don’t have the financial resources or staff expertise necessary and as a result, app stores are lacking in apps that inspire people to do good.

Now 11 years after the launch of the first iPhone, social enterprises and socially-responsible businesses are finding creative ways to contribute to the mobile app economy with apps that combine lifestyle with social good. For 2018, these are the must-download mobile apps to explore.

1. Reach

The Reach app encourages users to explore the world by sharing photos and videos of their travels or visits to local landmarks and natural sites. Engaging with ads earns users Recoins that can then be donated to their favorite nonprofits.

2. Stance

Stance delivers voice messages straight to a congressperson’s voicemail and if he or she’s voicemail is full, Stance keeps calling until it’s available.

3. MaximusLife

Join a MaximusLife Challenge to walk 10,000 steps a day, give up salt for a week, do yoga three times weekly, etc. and if you succeed, a donation is made to charity on your behalf.

4. Gone for Good

Take a photo of your unwanted goods, schedule a pick up, and a charity will collect your goods directly from your door.

5. GiveTide

Users add their credit card info to the app, GiveTide rounds up all transactions to the nearest dollar, and then users give the money raised to their favorite nonprofits with a single tap.

6. DriveSafe

The DriveSafe app sets up auto-responders for messaging apps and texting and turns on automatically as soon as you get in your car.

The 2018 Global NGO Technology Report summarizes how NGOs use web and email communications, online fundraising tools, social media, mobile technology, and data management and security software.