Mobile for Good: A How-To Fundraising Guide for Nonprofits (Table of Contents)

Mobile for Good: A How-To Fundraising Guide for Nonprofits

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Art and Science of Mobile and Social Fundraising

Part One: Create and Implement a Mobile and Social Fundraising Strategy


1. Nonprofit Technology and Fundraising

All Online Communications and Fundraising Are Now Mobile and Social
Mobile and Social Media Are Powerful Fundraising Tools
How Demographics Play a Role in Mobile and Social Media
Upgrade Now, or Become Obsolete

2. Get Organized

Step 1. Conduct an Online Communications and Fundraising Audit
Step 2. Organize a Meeting to Ensure Organizational Buy-In
Step 3. Write a Mobile and Social Fundraising Strategic Plan
Step 4. Create a Budget
Step 5. Create a System to Track, Evaluate, and Report Success
Step 6. Implement Your Mobile and Social Fundraising Strategic Plan

3. Websites

The Importance of Launching a Mobile-Compatible Website
Selecting a Content Management System (CMS)
10 Website Design Best Practices
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

4. Email Communications

The Importance of Mobile-Compatible Email Communications
Selecting an Email Communications Software
10 e-Newsletter Design Best Practices
Email Fundraising Appeals
How to Build Your Email List

5. Online Fundraising

The Importance of Mobile-Compatible Online Fundraising Campaigns
Selecting a Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) System
Selecting an Online Fundraising Software
Five Characteristics of Online Donors
10 Online Fundraising Best Practices
Online Donor Thank-You Communications
Social Fundraising

6. Mobile Fundraising

The Importance of Mobile Fundraising Campaigns
Selecting a Text-to-Give Software
Five Characteristics of Text-to-Give Donors
10 Text-to-Give Best Practices
Mobile Fundraising Apps
Mobile Wallets

Part Two: Create and Maintain a Mobile and Social Media Content Strategy


7. Multichannel Communications and Fundraising

Write a Mobile and Social Content Strategy
Create an Editorial Calendar
Five Communication Styles for Nonprofits
Five Content Approaches That Inspire Action
10 News Article and Blog Content Ideas

8. Content Creation and Integration

Print Materials
News Articles and Press Releases
Images and Infographics
Online Petitions
Online Contests
Online Stores
E-Books and Digital Reports
Event Invitations
Smartphone and Tablet Apps

Part Three: Using Mobile and Social Networks to Distribute Content


9. Facebook

Facebook for Fundraising and Cause Awareness
Top Five Facebook Best Practices for Nonprofits
Facebook Groups
Facebook Events
Facebook Location

10. Twitter

Twitter for Fundraising and Cause Awareness
Top Five Twitter Best Practices for Nonprofits
10 Twitter Hashtags for Nonprofits
How to Host a Tweet Chat for Your Nonprofit

11. Google+

Google+ for Fundraising and Cause Awareness
Top Five Google+ Best Practices for Nonprofits
Google+ Communities
Google+ Events
Google+ Places
Google+ Hangouts

12. LinkedIn

LinkedIn for Fundraising and Cause Awareness
Top Five LinkedIn Best Practices for Nonprofits
LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn Profiles

13. YouTube

YouTube for Fundraising and Cause Awareness
Top Five YouTube Best Practices for Nonprofits
YouTube Nonprofit Program

14. Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr

Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr for Fundraising and Cause Awareness
Top Five Pinterest Best Practices for Nonprofits
Top Five Instagram Best Practices for Nonprofits
Top Five Tumblr Best Practices for Nonprofits

Part Four: Mobile and Social Media Campaigns for the Advanced Nonprofit


15. Real-Time Communications and Fundraising

The 24/7 News Cycle: Breaking News and Crisis Communications
How to Tap into the Power of Cause Awareness Days
Live Reporting: Events and Conferences
10 Apps and Tools for Real-Time Communications and Fundraising

16.  New Media Managers

10 Must-Have Skills for New Media Managers
How Much Time Mobile and Social Media Require
How to Build a Consistent Brand Across All Your Organization’s Chapters
How to Build Your Online Brand in Multiple Time Zones
How to Respond to Trolls and Difficult Online Personalities
How to Manage Mobile and Social Media Burnout
Image Copyright and Fair Use
Mobile and Social Media Dashboards
Mobile and Social Media Analytics Tools

Your Mobile and Social Fundraising Success Checklist



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