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Nonprofit Tech for Good is a leading technology resource for nonprofit professionals worldwide. By contributing your content, you become a leader in the nonprofit sector and help nonprofits succeed in the process.

Nonprofit Tech for Good currently receives nearly 50K visitors each month, has 23K+ newsletter subscribers, and manages an online community of over one million followers on social media. You can write for Nonprofit Tech for Good either as an individual or brand.

Please Note: Guest and sponsored posts are currently booked March 2020. Now scheduling for April-June 2020.

Individual Guest Posts

Meant for nonprofit professionals who want to grow their personal brand in the nonprofit community, individual guest posts are solely for bloggers and nonprofit staff. There is no cost.

Brand Sponsored Posts

For those technology companies looking to increase their brand exposure in the nonprofit community, there is a flat fee of $500 to post on Nonprofit Tech for Good. You have the option to boost the post on Facebook for an additional $25.

Where Your Posts Will be Shared

Content Guidelines

  • Content must be written in the style of Nonprofit Tech for Good (simple, straight-forward, useful). How-to posts with screenshots, numbered lists, and infographics are the posts that receive the most engagement.
  • Subject matter should be about nonprofit technology (web, email, fundraising, social media, mobile, CRM, data, AI, trending topics, emerging technology, etc.).
  • Content cannot be overly promotional or commercial in nature.

To pitch your post, please contact Heather Mansfield.

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