twtpollDuring 2009 I created and promoted 34 TwtPolls to help better understand the needs of nonprofits. The TwtPoll results are often surprising and can be very useful for nonprofits as they forge ahead with their 2010 communications strategies. Below are the 11 TwtPoll results that I think are the most telling:

1) Is your nonprofit planning on utilizing mobile technology in 2010 (live Tweeting, group texting, iPhone Apps, launching a mobile site)? []

39% Yes… it’s in the works.
22% Yes… but we have no idea where to begin.
15% No… haven’t even begun to think about it.
15% We already do!
9% No… we can’t afford it.

2) ATTN Donors: Have you ever donated to a nonprofit organization through your cell phone? []

63% No
20% Didn’t even know that was possible!
17% Yes

3) Does your nonprofit have a blog? []

43% Yes… our organization blogs regularly.
28% No… it’s on our To Do List.
14% No… no plans to launch a blog.
11% Yes… but we haven’t quite figured out what to do with it.
4% Other

4) ATTN Donors: Do you prefer to give $$$ to your favorite organizations via: []:

71% The organization’s website
13% Check/snail mail
11% An online giving portfolio service (like
5% A social networking site (like Facebook)

5) Does your nonprofit poll your online donors about what communication tool inspired them most to donate on your Website?[]

71% No… but this is a great idea!
10% No… and no plans to ask.
10% Other
5% Yes… they donate on our website after reading something in our e-newsletter.
2% Yes… they donate on our website after reading a print material.
1% Yes…. they donate on our website after reading something on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
1% Yes… they donate on our website after reading something on our blog.

6) What is the size of your organization’s e-mail newsletter list? []

28% 2,501-5,000
22% 501-2,500
19% Less than 500
16% 5,001-10,000
5% 10,001-25,000
5% 25,001-50,000
3% More than 100,000
2% Our organization does not publish an e-mail newsletter.
0% 50,001-100,000
0% Don’t Know

7) Is your nonprofit monitoring your Website stats to see how much traffic is coming from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn Groups, etc.? []

33% Yes… and it’s quite a bit.
29% Yes… but it is not very much.
28% No… but I am going to look into that.
9% No… and we have no plans to.

8. Which social networking sites does your organization have an “official” presence/profile on? [Warning: Poll has been spammed:]

25% Facebook
25% Twitter
14% YouTube
9% MySpace
9% Flickr
8% LinkedIn
2% Other
1% Care2
1% None of the Above

9) How many Tweets do you think nonprofit organizations should send out per day? []

42% 1-2 Tweets
40% 3-5 Tweets
8% 6-7 Tweets
7% 8-10 Tweets
1% 11-15 Tweets
1% More than 20 Tweets
0% Other

10) How often do you think nonprofits should post Status Updates to their Facebook Pages? []

40% One a day
23% Two a day
20% Two or three times a week
13% Once a week
3% Three a day and you’ve lost me as a fan.
3% Other

11) Have you ever taken a Webinar about how to use social media? [] [New Year’s Resolution Webinar Special: 2-for-1 Through January 4]

42% Yes… and it was useful.
23% Yes… but I didn’t get much out of it.
22% No… it’s on my To Do list.
7% Other
5% No… no plans to take one.

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