As I have said many times, I was a reluctant blogger. I did not think the Internet needed another blogger. But I was wrong. So wrong. Blogging has transcended my ROI (return on investment), primarily from simply featuring my e-newsletter “Subscribe” option and social networking icons in the upper right column. Sadly, the vast majority of nonprofit blogs do not feature on their blog the three must-haves listed below:

1. e-Newsletter sign-up

2. “Donate Now” button

3. Social media icons

My best guess as to why is only that the nonprofit blogger doesn’t know the basic HTML necessary to add links and images to their blog. However, it is so worth taking the time learn how to do it, or to find someone who does. That said, you can browse the nonprofit blogs below for inspiration:

Amnesty International ::


Global Exchange ::


Greenpeace International ::


National Wildlife Federation ::


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