Defying its name, Tumblr user growth has accelerated dramatically in 2011 (up 218% over last year) and the eleven nonprofits listed below are paving the way for early adoption in the nonprofit sector. Part-blogging, part-social networking community, Tumblr makes an interesting choice for blogs that are specific to a campaign or cause – especially if you have a lot photos and videos to share. The best Tumblr blogs tend to focus less on text, and more on visuals and re-blogging content from other Tumblr blogs.

Tumblr is free (though an upgrade to a premium theme is recommended) and they are likely to do some interesting integration with mobile technology in coming years, so it wouldn’t hurt to sign up and register your Tumblr username, such as, even if you can’t start tumbling right away. Finally, if your nonprofit is on Tumblr but not listed below, or you sign up for Tumblr, be sure to follow me at and I’ll follow you back and re-blog.

1. To Write Love On Her Arms ::


2. The Trevor Project ::


3. The Tank ::


4. Survival International ::


5. Robin Hood ::


6. PopTech ::


7. Mercy Corps ::


8. Harm Reduction Coalition ::


9. First Book ::


10. Doctors Without Borders ::


11. Cure Thrift Shop ::

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