With 10.4 million registered users, Pinterest hit the 10 million-user benchmark last week making it the fastest growing website ever. My theory on why Pinterest has become so popular so fast is that it has arrived at at time when people are increasing becoming overwhelmed by the volume of tweets, status updates, and “Breaking News!” being thrown at them 24/7. It’s a lot for the brain to process. On Pinterest, however, all that is required is browsing pretty pictures (not too much reading involved and no nasty, annoying Internet trolls ruining everyone’s good time) and liking, pinning, and re-pinning pins related to fashion, food, inspirational quotes, and social good. No wonder women love Pinterest!

There are some early adopter nonprofits that are inspiring the Pinterest community through their pins and re-pins. They keep it light, colorful, creative, and mostly importantly, keep their impulses to “market” in  check. That said, I am pinning and re-pinning nonprofits at pinterest.com/nonprofitorgs and have added Pinterest to my YouTube and Flickr Webinar for nonprofits – just a FYI. Now, onto the 11 must-follow nonprofits on Pinterest:

1. AARP :: pinterest.com/aarp

2. Heritage Humane Society :: pinterest.com/hhswilliamsburg

3. Amnesty International USA :: pinterest.com/amnestyusa

4. Jolkana Foundation :: pinterest.com/jolkona

5. Moms Rising :: pinterest.com/momsrising

6. National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare :: pinterest.com/ncpssm

7. National Wildlife Federation :: pinterest.com/nwfpins

8. NRDC BioGems :: pinterest.com/nrdcbiogems

9. SFMOMA :: pinterest.com/sfmoma

10. UNICEF :: pinterest.com/unicef

11. Water.org :: pinterest.com/waterdotorg

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