Some of your best learning on social media occurs when you just start clicking around and see what happens. That’s how I discovered three of the four functions below and when I give in-person trainings on Facebook and demonstrate these functions (with the exception of hashtags since the functionality was just launched last week), there are usually quite a few oohs, ahhs, and “I didn’t know that” in the room. So, just in case you may not be aware either, below are four Facebook Status functions that can help your nonprofit increase engagement and reach out to fans on a 24-hour basis:

1. You can edit link titles.
Hover and click link titles to edit.

Facebook One

2. You can edit link descriptions.
Hover and click link descriptions to edit.

Facebook Two

3. You can schedule status updates in advance.
Select the “Schedule” icon in the lower left.

Facebook Three

4. You can can use hashtags.
Once posted, click on the hashtag to view its activity on Facebook.

Facebook Four

Facebook Five

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