LinkedIn-Page-Updates-for-NWith more than 225 million registered users worldwide, LinkedIn pages have the potential to be very powerful for nonprofits. The vast majority of nonprofit staff, board members, volunteers, and funders use the site on a regular basis to network and make connections. Thus far most nonprofits have concentrated on using LinkedIn groups to build their brand inside the LinkedIn community, but as any regular LinkedIn group member knows, groups can become easily overrun by spammers and overzealous marketers to the point where some groups just become too annoying to stay a member of.

Consequently, in recent months LinkedIn has been shifting the focus away from groups and ramping up the LinkedIn page tool set. If and when, but more likely when, the updates from LinkedIn pages are integrated into the primary LinkedIn news feed, those early adopter nonprofits of LinkedIn pages will benefit the most. If your nonprofit is on the fence about adding your LinkedIn page to your editorial calendar – or don’t even realize yet that you already have a LinkedIn page, these four recent upgrades may motivate you to take the leap:

1. The ability to comment as your nonprofit on updates.

LinkedIn Page Comments

2. Insights on individual updates.

LinkedIn Updates Insights

3. Enhanced Products & Services.

Red Cross on LinkedIn

4. Enhanced Page & Follower Insights.

LinkedIn Insights Nonprofit Zero

LinkedIn Insights Nonprofit One

LinkedIn Insights Nonprofit Two

Four Recent LinkedIn Page Upgrades Nonprofits Need to Know About