mobile email for nonprofitsWith 51% of email now being opened on a tablet or smartphone, nonprofits would be wise to redesign their e-newsletter as soon as possible. Long-standing e-newsletter design best practices such as a two or three-column-fixed layout, 12 point font size, and text-based links only are officially 51% less effective. Unless your nonprofit embraces responsive design or mobile-first design aesthetics, your stories and calls-to-action will go unread and untapped. If email is  integral to your communications and fundraising strategy, redesigning your e-newsletter to make it mobile compatible should be at the top of your to do list.

1. Mobile-First Design

Not responsive, one narrow column, large photos and font,
and large, colorful, tappable call-to-action buttons.

orange subscribe e-newsletter e-newsletter 2

2. Wildlife Alliance: One-Column Responsive Design

Simple, large banner, large font, and large tappable “Donate” button.

orange subscribe

wildlife alliance e-newsletter 1

wildlife alliance e-newsletter 2

3. Mercy Corps: Two-Column Responsive Design

Large headline, minimal text, visuals prioritized, and large tappable
call-to-action buttons.

orange subscribe

mercy corps 1

mercy corps 2

3 Mobile Compatible Nonprofit e-Newsletters to Subscribe To and Learn From