nonprofit-facebook-insightsLast week the Nonprofit Tech for Good Facebook Page reached the 100,000 fans. It took 8 years, 4 months, and 22 days. Growth slowed significantly in February 2016 to approximately 200 new likes a month whereas in the year previous new likes averaged 800 per month. Overall, the page took 100 months to reach 100,000 likes, thus it has an average growth rate of 1,000 new likes a month. Does this mean anything? Not really, except that it confirms that recent algorithm changes have had a significant impact on both engagement and growth rates.

1. Despite a plummeting growth rate, referral traffic from Facebook to is still high.

With an average organic reach of 3%, it’s unlikely that the high referral traffic is coming directly from the Nonprofit Tech for Good Facebook Page, but rather from nonprofit techies who are sharing Nonprofit Tech for Good blog posts on their pages and profiles. This is a bright spot for those of you discouraged by low organic reach.


2. 53% of Nonprofit Tech for Good’s fans are female and the largest age group is 25-34 years old.


3. Females are responsible for 59% of the engagement that occurs on the Nonprofit Tech for Good Facebook Page.


4. The top three countries are the United States, India, and Pakistan. The top three cities are New York, Dhaka, and New Delhi.


5. After much experimentation, Insights consistently reveal that photo posts get more engagement than links or videos.


6. Only a tiny fraction of Nonprofit Tech for Good’s Fans click the call-to-action button – specifically .000003% on a good day.


7. Nonprofit Tech for Good doesn’t get a whole lot of Love, or Wow, Haha, Sad, Angry, or Thankful.


8. The Facebook icon in the upper right of this blog is the number one source of traffic to the Nonprofit Tech for Good Facebook Page outside of


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The Insights of 100,000 Nonprofit Technology Facebook Fans