Odds are your nonprofit has a LinkedIn Page. Most nonprofits have claimed their pages and set up the basics, but very few regularly post on their LinkedIn Pages. Snapchat and Instagram may be all the buzz, but ignoring LinkedIn Pages is a mistake. In addition the reasons listed below, the demographics of LinkedIn users bodes well for engaging donors and amazingly LinkedIn offers customer service. If you have questions or concerns, there’s a real human being available to respond to your inquiries and that’s rare in the social media space. Thanks LinkedIn!

1. LinkedIn Pages have a new design.

Still in beta for most, LinkedIn is slowly rolling out a new design for Pages, Admin Tools, the News Feed, and LinkedIn Profiles. Clearly, LinkedIn has big plans for 2017.


2. Engagement and/or click-throughs are often higher on LinkedIn Pages than on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Nonprofit Tech for Good gets more likes, click-throughs, and comments from its 3,596 LinkedIn Followers (proportionally speaking) than from its 100,708 Facebook Followers and 841,619 Twitter Followers. Nonprofit Tech for Good does get more likes on Instagram, but Instagram has the lowest click-through rate of all social media with only 11 visits from its 45,800 Instagram Followers last week.

3. LinkedIn Analytics are detailed and insightful.

LinkedIn Analytics are straight-forward and detailed. They tell you exactly how many people clicked on your links and the percent of engagement received in proportion to your number of followers, neither of which are available in Facebook Insights or Twitter Analytics.

4. The LinkedIn Admin Tools have been simplified to focus on the most important features of LinkedIn Pages.

Less is more in the case of the new LinkedIn Admin Tools. The focus is on layout, design, search, language, posting, and analytics to maximize how page content is presented in the News Feed.

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Four Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Pay More Attention to LinkedIn Pages in 2017